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welcome to my blog !!

If you do not know me, my name is Jeannette, I am twenty years old and graduated with my Bachelor of Science 10 days ago. I will be starting my Master of Professional Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering.

Apologies, as my first two sentences, look like it is something I would say in a job interview, but just bear with me for my first blog!

That is some not-so-fun fact about me, but trust me if you read my blogs, you will learn so much about me as I am basically an open book.

Hopefully, I don’t say anything too controversial or questionable :)

Where Did I Get This Idea of Blogging From?

I have finally decided to start my blog, I barely can say 'finally' as I've only learned about the concept of 'blogging' not even four hours ago. The last few hours have honestly been a rollercoaster of thoughts in my head.

I published this one day after I stumbled upon my newfound amazing idea of blogging.

I've recorded the date and time as I write, aiming to offer a sense of the timeline during which I made the decision to start blogging.

Wednesday 27th Dec 2023 at 10:50pm

I called my friend Zachary Cheng last night as I was bored (you should check out his blog, it is pretty cool).

For some reason, he recommended staring at a wall for 20 minutes and seeing where my mind wanders. Apparently, it is good for your mental health (haven't tried this, but definitely will).

He sent me a blog post that his friends wrote on this experiment, which I thought was the craziest thing ever.

Do people write their thoughts online? What do you even write? Who would read this? So, it is basically a diary? What if I don't want anyone to read this?

I literally fell in love with this idea.

I love the idea of writing my thoughts, ideas and views down.

I definitely spend a lot of time expressing myself to my close friends especially my boyfriend, Harrison Tay aka Harry.

This is me formally introducing Harry (will be referring to him as Harry from now on as saying 'my boyfriend' makes me cringe).

Wednesday 27th Dec 2023 at 11:13pm

This was the moment Zac told me I could have my own website, with my name in it!

I had so many questions about what this meant and how this was even possible (I am not a tech girl and cannot code to save my life).

So basically, I could have '', and that could be my website. So mind-blowing!

Then, I found out this was already taken so I was extremely devastated for the next hour. I spent the rest of my time trying to think of a different name but decided instead I would just start jotting down ideas for my blog in the meantime.

Thursday 28th Dec 2023 at 1:36am

After spending approximately two hours thinking of my website name and potential ideas on what to write about, I felt like it was time to go to bed.

I decided my website name would be ''. It was very exciting but also was slightly sad about the other name being taken.

I also did some blog reading which was very brain-stimulating and was probably not the most ideal thing for me to read before going to bed.

At this point in the night, I decided I was going to go to bed. I honestly tried so hard to shut down my brain, close my eyes and sleep but I couldn't.

I could tell time was passing by but I didn't know how much time. I didn't want to look at my phone as I was scared the light from my phone would keep me up.

So I didn't check my phone.

Thursday 28th December at 2:32am

I felt like I had just woken up so I checked my phone but only an hour had passed. Did I really just sleep for less than an hour and then randomly wake up? I wasn't sure if I was even sleeping but I couldn't remember what happened so I assumed I was sleeping.

I was very confused but also I could not go back to sleep. It was horrible. I wanted to sleep but I couldn't.

Thursday 28th December at 2:57am

I made the choice to turn on my reading light get my laptop and start writing my first blog.

I was so extremely excited that there was no way I was falling asleep until I wrote about how I felt about this new amazing idea that I was obsessed with.

I honestly cannot explain how much I loved the idea of 'blogging'. I mean I did start writing at 3am in the morning my first blog which is basically just a diary entry so far.

Noting: I did some editing and formatting the next day of what I wrote as my sentence forming and word choices were atrocious last night (but understandable as I was pretty tired but just couldn't sleep). Also, I finished writing all this at 3:57am, just to update you I did try and get some sleep afterwards.

Why Do I Love The Idea of Blogging?

I barely know what blogging is. To me, it is just writing down thoughts and opinions that I have and other people can read it if they really want to.

I think that is pretty cool.

For me, this is why I chose to write:

  1. Thoughts, Ideas and Opinions
    If you know me at all, you will know that I have so many thoughts and opinions. I always love to talk to people about different ideas and perspectives and I think this would be fun to write about them here.

  2. Personal Development and Growth I am one to talk a lot and tend to speak very fast as well. I may not think about things I say as much as I should, but I like the idea of writing my thoughts and ideas down to give clarity to my thinking.

I spend so much time reflecting on my thoughts and actions, and I do think it is a good trait I have. I really liked the idea that I could write down my thoughts and, in a few months, or years come back and see how my view on things has changed or stayed the same (also, want to see if my future self thinks I am currently being cringe).

  1. Writing Skills I feel from what I have written, it is obvious that my writing skills aren’t amazing. I am alright with that as this is just the starting point and from here it can only get better, right?

I also would like to practice being clearer and more concise in my choice of words which might be quite difficult as I feel that I don't have a wide vocabulary.

  1. Friendships I didn't think friendships would be a reason for me to start writing, and it isn't really but I definitely think a lot of the topics I will write about are what I have talked to my friends about. I guess this is how we stay connected with current friends and make new friends by topics of interest.

Harry is basically my real-life blog; he literally knows every thought I have even when he doesn't ask. I also asked Harry if he wanted to start his own blog with me, thought both of us writing would be fun (so go check out his blog as well).

Almost Done Now !!

I just wanted to say one last thing. I am so happy I decided to start writing.

If it was earlier in the year, this would have been ideal as a lot of my thoughts have been consistent throughout the year. But better now than never, right?

I am not sure if I am doing this whole blogging thing right, it feels a bit long and definitely like a diary entry also not sure if it was the slightest bit intriguing...




I have many ideas on what to write for my future blogs so stay tuned and thank you for joining me on this exciting journey!