smol girl with big thoughts

update time (just me ranting)

in bed rn at 1.59pm on a friday afternoon, this is more than peculiar for me. i am literally always out and never ever ever at home like ever.

currently, it is end of week 4 of uni and i feel like i am dying. i know doing a master's degree is hard but rn i think i have made it more difficult than it is meant to be.

wake up every weekday at 6am and leave the house at 7am for classes and whatever and then end up going home at 8 - 9pm.

feeling rly hard to keep up with myself now, going to pracs, watching lectures, participating in uni club activities and i also started running which i rly like but i think its draining a lot of my energy.

i feel like i am exerting so much energy but not replenishing it by not eating or sleeping :(

i already struggle to get myself to eat on the regular but during uni i just ceebs eating and feel like there's no time.

also, i usually don't do too much physical activity as i have had previous back issues but since i started running i think it has triggered some back pain... i am still trying to figure out what's going on but also taking it slow.

today, i woke at 6am from my body clock but then slept in till 9am. decided to stay at home today, feeling recovery is needed based on my mental breakdown yesterday.

i am defs feeling better rn :)

having this time to myself feels nice, i enjoy writing how i feel.

anyways, i got back from japan on the 4th or march, haven't had time to write anything on that but maybe soon (hopefully i can remember what happened). but it was a goooood trip.

also, i am feeling like another holiday rn, so exhausted.

ok, i think that is it for now.

i am done procrastinating and ready to study (i think i actually might take a nap)

bye !!