smol girl with big thoughts

pls fill my heart with plushies

my confession is i love plush toys.

i cannot explain it but there's something about them that makes all my worries disappear.

i have a queen sized bed and half of my bed is filled with plushies. trust me it's filled.

you should see my car as well, the back seat is filled with plushies.

i love it

i love the feeling of being surrounded by these soft toys, it strangely makes me feel safe.

i remember when i met harry, i didn't think he was super enthusiastic about plushies but after two years. i would call him a plushie enthusiast. from having no plushies on his bed to having four, i would call that progress.

going to the shops and seeing plushies can be so painful as i know i have too many plushie and i can't keep funding my weird obsession but sometimes harry spoils me and buys it for me hehe.

one of my most recent purchases has become one of my favourite plushies: baby djungelskog

harry bought me big djungelkog at the start of our relationship and i loved it but then end of 2023 baby djungelskog made its way onto the ikea shelves and it literally was a must have.

i love baby djungelskog, it is so small and cute. i love anything small, it just makes it so so so cute. sometimes i have conflicting views as it's super cute but i feel like small things can be impractical at times.

if you are familiar with the relationship between mr bean and teddy, that is how i feel towards my baby djungelskog.

maybe strange but sometimes i just lay in bed and sit baby djungelskog upright and just look at him. i just take this time to appreciate my skog and pat his head or play with his arms or legs. perhaps also strange but occasionally harry and i would pretend our plushies are mingling and just hanging out.

such simple items but can put me at peace and help me focus on the moment.

i have other plushies i love but i don't think i could write about each one. so shoutout to denton. i love denton, denton is so quirky and funny looking. i love it.

i also found a reddit page of a community of people that also loves djungelskogs, i thought this was hilarious.

below here i have attached illustrations of big and baby djungelskog

smol girl with big thoughts big djungelskog

smol girl with big thoughts baby djungelskog

long live djungelskog ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ