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happy 21st birthday harry

last night harry has his 21st birthday celebration and i wrote a speech for him. it was so nice to be surrounded by his friends and family. my heart was so full so i can’t imagine how harry was feeling.

this was what i said…

so, i am here to talk about harry, he might hate this because i know he doesn’t like having the spotlight, but it’s ok i will be nice.

i have only known harry for about two and a half years and since then he has never left my side. like literally if you’re meeting up with harry you will most likely will see me there as well. apologises to harry’s friends and family as you might not see him as much anymore.

i met harry in our first year of uni semester two in ezone. all I remember was that i needed help with matrices and i asked you for help. you couldn’t help me so i called you stupid lols. you probably thought i was just a mean girl. but im pretty sure that was my way of flirting with you. this is cringe but when i met you i knew i liked you. i cant explain it.

most people may meet harrison and think he is a shy and quiet person. when you get to know him though he is still quiet, but you start to hear his brain thinking. harry is always so deep in thought that when he does speak, he is literally only speaking facts. it’s that or either he is just thinking about things that nobody every thinks or has the answers to.

being close with harry you just see he is just this rly big ball of energy. he never rly stays still, he always needs his brain to be stimulated. When we’re out he’ll be running back and forth, jumping on the spot.

im not sure how id be passing uni without harry tbh. though he denies it, he’s one of the smartest people I know. when he graduates he’ll not only be graduating with an electrical engineering degree but also with a mechanical engineering degree.

i think something that is so unique to harry is that he is so secure with himself that he doesn’t care what people think. he is just very true to himself. i remember in first year he would make fart noises with his legs, im not sure how he does it but im sure he can show you. or he would wear my shorts at uni which were really tight on him, i cant remember why he decided to wear my shorts.

from the second you talk to harry you can just tell he is the most genuine down to earth most calm, patient guy ever. that is pretty clear how patient he is since he has to deal with me.

i just wanted to finish off by thanking you for always being yourself. im sure none of what im saying is new to you but i hope you know i am forever grateful for your existence. you have always been there for me, you have seen me at my best and at my worst and i cant thank you enough.

i am so proud on everything you have achieved over these years and i know anything you strive towards, you will easily achieve.

you are always so busy and i hope you don’t forget to enjoy the small things in life.

i hope you enjoy your 21st birthday, sorry i didn’t do a surprise birthday for you this year. thought it might be embarrassing for you if i successfully pulled another surprise party. three times would just be embarrassing.

anyways, congrats on turning 21 harry.