smol girl with big thoughts

2 months later... (gonna try stay consistent this time)

its been exactly 2 months since i wrote my last blog.

im back bc ive been thinking about writing but have been too busy but gotta make time for the things you wanna do, right?

but also i need to clear my mind and my thoughts.

last 2 months have been so hectic, been literally fricken so busy. currently in week 12 of uni, then got study break then exams. i have been so unproductive the last few weeks bc i got sick but also im loosing motivation to study.

quick update on whats has recently happened, well as much as i can remember:

i can't really remember anything else.

on a more recent note i guess. ive been unemployed all semester as i refuse to go back to retail. but ive gotten so lucky that i have a winter internship over the break so 5 weeks of full-time. just in time bc im so broke rn... i also got an offer for an end of year summer internship as well so lucky me but i think its just bc im a women in STEM (might need to rant about this in another blog).

gonna cut it here for now. 4 mins till midnight and i need to wake up at 6am tomorrow. bye bye